Welcome to The Swoop!

Hi, my name is Marcus Bourget otherwise known as Jump Junkie and the person behind Skydiving Events Australia

I’m super passionate about skydiving and was struggling to stay on top of all the local and international news.  There’s so much amazing stuff out there. So, I had the idea of creating this blog and aggregating the best of local and international skydiving content for your reading pleasure.

The Swoop is designed for mobile and will feature easily digestible stories and videos while you’re killing time at the DZ.  So, if you’ve got ten minutes waiting for your mate to finish packing, of if you’re on a wind hold, or just killing time going to height, boot up The Swoop and see the best of what’s happening around the country and overseas.

But apart from that, I really want The Swoop to be place where you bloody legends can share your stories. Got a yarn to tell? An event you want to publicise? Or just some amazing vids and stills to share? Then get it on The Swoop and share it with your fellow jumpers!

The Swoop, like Jump Junkie and Skydiving Events Australia, are all labours of love.  I’ve funded the website out of my own pocket, forgive me if it’s starting out a little basic.  I’ll be aiming to add more bells and whistles in the months to come.

Once I’m in the swing of things, I’m also going to start a series of video interviews with local skydiving legends so if you’ve got any ideas as to who good people would be to talk to then get in touch. 

I want The Swoop to be about community so will be hitting up event organisers around the country for reports on their events, getting those in the know to give us the inside gossip, and anything else I can think of and which you might find interesting.

If you’d like to help with content creation and writing occasional blog post then I’d love to hear from you too!  

The Swoop! A blog for skydivers, by skydivers.

I hope you enjoy it!