Angles with Tayne and Elios

When Jarrod Harris asked me to help organise an angles camp at Skydive Elderslie to be coached by Tayne Farrant and Elios Eleftherios, I had an immediate attack of the FOMOs.  Elderslie is a such a crackingly good drop zone and now that they have access to a caravan (care of Sydney Skydivers) it seems like every weekend is stoke city.  

I could tell the camp was going to be a good one by the amount of banter in the group chat leading up to the weekend.  I vainly asked for a volunteer to write some words for the blog but was met with an extract from 30 Shades of Gray – Skydiver Edition, followed by a request to set up an Only Fans account for pics of docks on Tayne’s feet hahaha.

Anyway, thanks to Adam Crofskey the weekend went down something like this!

“The weekend went off. The weather gods played nice producing some sunny but hot conditions which just made everyone even more keen to pack, debrief and get in the sky again.  We got five jumps in each day.

There’s was a mix of experience on the camp with the coaches doing a great job in creating the groups which allowed everyone to progress, even for someone like me who only had about 40 to 50 moving jumps leading into the camp.

It was awesome that the coaches swapped groups on the second day so we all had a chance to experience their flying and debrief styles.  I had an awesome time especially making progress on my exits and just being more aware of my body position on each jump.  Each jump was great in its own way, but I was really stoked with my last jump on the first day.  I nailed the exit which set me up for a great jump and then I remember flying down the hill looking at Elios and I could see by the smile on this face that he knew I was stoked.

Tayne and Elios was awesome to have as coaches.   They provided a really comfortable, supportive learning environment and were both super helpful with debriefs after the jumps especially with me being the less experienced in the group.

Everyone on the camp was awesome. Elderslie is such a great drop zone, and it was a great way to kick off the year.  Everyone was supporting each other and celebrating the little wins everyone had, and even after the jumping stopped we kept on replaying the videos and laughing and just having a hell of a time.”

Sounds like a pretty awesome time and I’m regretting making wingsuiting my discipline of choice for 2023 already hahaha.  Massive thanks to NSW Parachute Council, Sydney Skydivers, Skydive Elderslie, Jump Junkie and Jarrod Harris for ensuring that the event happened.   Also check out the video below for some dynamic flying 🙂 


PS.  Never jumped at Elderslie? Well, you should cos its bloody awesome. And if you’re looking for an excuse to make the trip to the Hunter Valley, well have XRG Flight Club, Skydive Elderslie and Sydney Skydivers got an event for you!  The Xtend Skills Camp is happening at Skydive Elderslie from 29 March to 2 April.  That’s five days of all level coaching with 10 of iFly Downunder’s best instructors, including Jimmy Cooper, Kyle Chick, Matt Boags, Mason Corby, Jacob Logan, Shane Onis, Craig Allender, Amy Jamieson, Hugh Milicich and Tassio Porto.  I mean fucking hell. Where else you going to be?   Check out all the info on the event page on Facie which you can jump to by clicking here!

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