Chemtrails 1.0

Last weekend, Skydive Nagambie hosted Chemtrails 1.0, the first in a new series of wingsuit events brought to you by Fiona Jansen and Tom Davies.

After years of Covid lockdowns and miserable weather, Fiona and Tom are bringing Victorian and Australian wingsuiters out of hibernation!  

And what a way to kick things off!  Two days of perfect blue skies, nil winds, lots of belly laughs and a tonne of progression by everyone involved!

Big shoutout to all wingsuiters for smashing out 7 flocking jumps per day!!!  And a huge thank you to Skydive Nagambie and the VTPC for their support.

Are you looking to do your first flight course? Work towards your wingsuit crest? Get comfortable flying your suit? Shred in a bigway flock? Fly dynamic lines?   It’s all happening with Chemtrails so stay tuned for Chemtrails 2.0, coming to you in early 2023!

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