Events for 2023… The results are in…

Hey guys,

It’s a crappy weather day here at Skydive Oz today – it’s been drizzling all morning and doesn’t look like it’s going to let up anytime soon. So, we’re stuck on a weather hold for the time being. But that’s alright, because it’s given me a chance to sit down and write about the results of the survey I did the other day to see what events you want for 2023!

First off, thanks to everyone who participated. It super helpful to understand where everyone’s interest lies so I can make sure I can put on events that you guys are going to be keen to participate in.

So, without further ado, here are the results:

To break that down a bit…. angles came in at 24%, boogies at 18%, head up at 13%, flat / bigways at 9%, CRW at 9%, wingsuiting at 8%, head down at 6%, events involving the tunnel at 6%, safety seminars at 4%, and event mentoring at 4%.

I guess it’s no surprise to see that angles remains the most popular discipline.  The challenge with this one is that is difficult to organise complete beginner events because it’s so coach-intensive .  But I’ll do what I can and once KJ is back coaching I’ll get some ‘Follow the Leader’ type events up and running.  In the meantime, I really recommend spending time going on tracking jumps with a couple of your mates or invest in some one-on-one angles coaching before jumping into an event.

Boogies are always a good time and I’ve got a couple in the works for 2023.  First up will be the super chill Blue Skies Long Weekender at Skydive Oz for the Australia Day long weekend (26-29 January).  There’s still a few slots left on that one so jump on over to the event page and complete the rego form.  And later in the year, Pride Boogie 3 will be returning in the spring of 2023 once I’ve got a date locked in with Skydive Oz.  Pride Boogie is bloody awesome and I’m really looking forward to putting that one on again!

CRW was a bit of a surprise – I wasn’t expecting so much interest, but I’m happy to accommodate. I’ll investigate finding available coaches and CRW rigs and organise an event in the coming months.  Probably at somewhere like Skydive Elderslie, where there won’t be any other air traffic to get in the way.

Head up and head down are really suited to events at the tunnel, so I’ll definitely get some huck jams going perhaps on a Friday night at iFly Downunder with jumping out at Sydney the following day.

And finally, for those of you interested in Bigways, I’m in the middle of planning a Bigway weekend coached by Andrew Barker (AB) at Sydney Skydivers in early April. If you’re keen, jump over to the event page and register your interest.

All in all, I’m looking forward to an awesome year of jumping in 2023. Thanks again for your input and keep an eye out for events in the months to come 😊



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