Flying with your rig

Not so much of an article today, but a public service announcement.

I saw a post in one of the Fun Jumper pages about flying with a rig.  In particular, whether it was best to check it in, take it on as carry on and, finally, what documents they should take with them to the airport.

I’ve flown with my rig both checked in and as carry on so don’t really have a view as to what is best.  However, when I travelled with my rig to the States a few years ago I collected the following paperwork just in case I was quizzed by security / check in.  Luckily, I didn’t have any issues although some friends haven’t been as fortunate and have had an absolute bitch of a time (isn’t that right, Phielix!).

So, what do I carry with me?


Cypres 2 card addressed to Airport Security Personnel along with an X-Ray pic which shows all the elements of the Cypres unit.  The card confirms that the Cypres unit is not subject to the otherwise relevant regulations given the limited amount of Lithium in the unit and the fact that it is fully enclosed within the Cypres device


A more detailed explanation from Cypres explaining why the Cypres unit is permitted to fly as passenger luggage.


A letter from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to the APF confirming that the Cypres Unit does NOT meet the criteria for classification as a class 1 explosive and confirming that it may be carried on aircraft.


An email from Qantas (Dangerous Goods Compliance) confirming that the Cypres unit is permitted to travel as passenger luggage.

As I said, I’ve never had any issues and I’ve never had to rely on the documents, but I figure it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If I was going to make one suggestion it would be that if you are in any doubt about the airline you are flying with that you contact their security / compliance areas before you fly and ask them to confirm by email that the Cypres is fine to fly with so you are armed with that during your travels.

Phielix had a totally shit time in Prague trying to get on a Finn Air flight who refused to allow him to fly with his rig, and subsequently refused to compensate him for the costs incurred in organising alternate flights.  I’m not saying being pre-armed with email from Finn Air would have definitely changed the situation but, on the other hand, it might have been enough to convince the belligerent security and check in staff.

Anyway!  I hope you find this useful and obviously feel free to download the documents or DM me if you have any questions.

One final comment (thanks Koppel!) – while you can carry all this paperwork and argue to your heart’s content always remember that the Pilot-in-Command has the final say as to what is carried in the plane. A bit of a bitch, but there you go!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Lovers!


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