Free Money!

I’ve been reposting this a fair bit on Facebook but in case you haven’t seen it, NSWPC has grant money available for inclusion activities and events!

Just over to the NSPWC website to get the skinny. The money is there for the taking so get planning! If you have an idea and want any advice about organising something then give me a yell. I’m always happy to help.


On the off chance you’ve been living under a rock, the legends at Jyro are running a comp to win a new canopy. yee haw…. Grab a five second video of a pure ‘fuck yeahhhh’ moment and head on over to the competition page to find out how to enter ๐Ÿ™‚

PD Factory Team – Raffle

Want to win a training camp with the PD Factory Team and an honorary PDFT jersey? Okay, so flights aren’t included but it’s still an awesome prize. Just over half teh tickets left in the raffle. If you’re keen jump over to the PD website and get yours today.

Age is just a number….

Recently, the ABC interviewed a number of women in their 50’s are finding a new found freedom in adventure sports, including Skydiver Denise Bess. Read all about it here. On ya Denise!

Tales from the Bonfire

Australian skydiver and hall of famer, Andy Keech, is in this month’s edition of Parachutist magazine with a behind the shot account of this pretty epic photo…

Blue Skies, Fun Days

Garnett has released another episode of Blue Skies, Fun Days. This time featuring Parachutist Starter Mag introducing people to the fine art of skydiving. Not sure any of us need convincing, but flick it on to your mates and lets get some more jumpers jumpy jumping ๐Ÿ™‚

MX Series – Episode 1: Indoor Skydiving

Manufactory have put out the first episode in the MX Series looking into the world of Indoor Skydiving. ๐Ÿ‘‡

You can check it out here


Join The Sport

iFly Perth, J-Bay and Hillman’s Skydive School have all got together to launch “Join The Sport” evening at iFly Perth. The event aims to close the gaps in building the sport of skydiving, collectively, together inclusive of outdoor and indoor skydiving.

I hope this grass roots activity is a massive success!

Well done WA and it’s great to see iFly and local DZ’s working closely together.

Mission Impossible….. Motorcycle Base ๐Ÿ™‚

Tom Cruise’s latest MI flick opens today and skydive mag have got an article and various video’s about Mr Cruise’s motorcycle base jump… apparently, it’s a world first… pretty epic either way.. you can find the article here!

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