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News from around the traps this week…..

Hillman Farm announced ‘Mad Max’ as their theme for Mumbles Party night along with an epic video to go with it. If I hadn’t already run out of leave for the year, I’d definitely be going ha ha. They’re also on the look out for packers for the event, so if that’s you get in touch with them.

The POPs set a new Aussie SOS (Skydivers over Sixty) Record at Ramblers this week when 30 jumpers under the watchful eye of Captain Ben Nordkamp all come together in formation.

Congrats all! Check it out along with heaps more photos on the POPs Facebook page

Zak Montgomery is one of the Jump Pilots at Skydive Oz and is a total legend. Along with this twin, he’s behind the Receding Airline clothing brand.

Over the last few weeks Receding Airline have been in the running to win the title of ‘Australia’s Best Beanie’ and have made it into the final! No mean feat considering they’ve been up against a whole stack of community organisations, schools and clubs right across Australia.

The final starts soon. Like in the next 24 hours. To vote and make sure ‘Receding Airline’ wins the title all you need to do is head over to the Cobrapparel Facebook page and vote the right emoticon on the post. Go on! Do it!

Aussie Jumper Corey Taylor has started a new website to buy and sell your skydiving gear – Australian Parachute Classifieds. It’s free to list your stuff, so if you’ve got gear to sell, or are looking to buy some gear, go have a look.

Good luck with it Corey!

And, finally, now that the membership renewal is up I’ll call time on CarbonFreeFall until next June! Thanks to Ahmad, Amanda, Chase, Daniel, Doug, Francois, Greg, Heath, Helen, Jack, Jase, Jason, Justinos, Kevin, Larina, Leanne, Mark, Merv, Nathan, Ove, Rebecca, Simon and Zak for making contributions. Along with a contribution from NSWPC we’ve raised over $1,500 for GreenFleet and their native forest restoration projects. Super cool!

All Jump Junkie events will be making a contribution to Greenfleet moving forward (at around $5 per load). If you’d like to do the same for your event then send me a DM. Free stickers on offer 🙂

That’s it for this week!

If you’ve got any news to share, then send me a DM. Otherwise, I’ll just make stuff up to keep me entertained.


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