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Learning Curve is a regular event held up at Skydive Ramblers at Toogoolawah focusing on skills development for both new and old jumpers.  The last Learning Curve happened the other week and I asked one of the coaches, Aussie Wingsuit Team member, TOMIC KLUZNIAK, to put some words together about it.  This is what he said!   Cheers Tomic ya legend!

Learning Curve is one of the raddest ideas a drop zone can offer any new or experienced jumper. A jump filled week with a focus on learning everything from the basics, to filling in the gaps in your game and then, at Learning Curve Camp Plus (held every second Learning Curve), learning from discipline specific coaches.

If you turn up with your learning head on and make the most of the coaching and seminars available, you’ll walk away with a truck load of knowledge.  All for the totally unreasonable price of exactly zero dollars.  Yup.  It’s FREE!  Free coaching, free seminars and free to chose exactly what you want to learn from the passionate and knowledgeable crew at Toogs.

I’ve been going to learning curves for years…  and now, somehow, I’ve just finished my first Learning Curve camp as a wingsuit coach.

The experience was awesome and humbling to say the least. I had an absolutely rad crew show up and even thought the weather wasn’t the best, I had the honour of passing on the skills and techniques I have learnt over the last few years of committing my life to this sport.

I’m passionate about helping anyone I can who wants to achieve their flying dreams.  I’ve been lucky enough to achieve some of my dreams, but the path I followed was pretty lonely with almost all of my learning being self-taught.

I want to give people the opportunity to pursue their dreams and pass on all the information I’ve learned over the years to help them on their way.  But the learning never stops for anyone, no matter how good or experienced you are.

As for this camp, it was focused more on basic flying skills, including flying slots, correct body positions, approaching the leader and identifying all the inputs you as the pilot own in your tool bag to help you fly where you want and how you want.  Heap of progression was made by everyone, and I can’t wait to do it all again.

I ought to give a shout out to JOSH ARNDT who was sent over by the legends and iFly for freefly coaching, although I can definitely say he’s also a pretty mean wingsuiter after the burns we did together!

If you’ve ever thought about signing up for a Learning Curve you should.  It’s a massive resource to help with your progression, knowledge and all-round good times.   Learning Curve has been around for many years and will continue to be there for any jumper that wants to progress.

Check out the Ramblers website for more details and if you want to make some gains in your wingsuit or got any questions, I’m frothing to help.

Cheers Tomic! That’s just bloody awesome. Sounds like you be mad not to get involved with Learning Curve if you have the opportunity.

If you’ve just been to a rad event or have a story to tell then get in touch. I love sharing these stories about just how bloody amazing our skydiving community is!

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