Local Legends… Jodie Mayo

This week’s local legend is freefly coach, Jodie Mayo.  Originally from G-Town NSW, Jodie was based at Naggers, but now calls Barwon home.  She’s been in the sport for around 7 years got her E licence and has over 1,000 jumps under her belt.

Her rig of choice is a UPT Vector 308 where you’ll find her Jyro Crossy 3 109.  Before skydiving took over her life, she was a keen climber and snowboarder, although now that’s all second fiddle to jumping out of planes.

One half (the camera) of Aussie Freestyle Team “Butterfly Effect” she’s previously taken a gold at Nationals as well as securing a spot on the Australian National Team.

Right… Let’s get into it!

How did you first become interested in skydiving?

It all began when I won a trip to New Zealand, which included a tandem skydive at Nzone. When I landed the camera guy said “welcome to the club”… I was like what club?  From then on, I didn’t stop talking about doing my AFF for about two years. Someone recommended Skydive Nagambie and I signed up in autumn of 2016.

What was your first jump like?

I don’t really remember; the sensory overload took over.

What motivates you to keep skydiving?

The continuous journey to learn to fly my body, as well as the skydiving community.

What’s the most memorable skydiving experience you have had to date?  What made it special?

Oh this is a hard one… I have so many. But if I have to pick one I’d say being on a keg jump at my first Funny Farm.

When I started jumping, I remember seeing a photo in the ASM of a keg object jump. Right then I knew I had to do it! It took another 5 years to tick it off, but it was totally worth the wait!

How has skydiving impacted your life outside of the sport?

What life outside of skydiving? I used to have other sports… now they just don’t hit the same anymore.  I’ve tried to get the feeling back but it’s just not there.  But really it’s shifted my life for the best, and I’m not sure where I’d be without it and the clarity it brings to my life.

Have you ever participated in any skydiving competitions?  What is competition like?  Is it worth the effort?

Yes. I joined a flat four-way team once upon a time but was injured before nationals, so I didn’t get to compete. Then one drunken night, Alex and I came up with a great idea that we could go to the worlds. Two years of rough training and a dream bigger than our skills we joined the Australian team and competed in Eloy, Arizona in Freestyle.

Regardless of our overall position we both gained so much out of the experience, I feel like my flying really levelled up, and the bonds with other team members is priceless. It was totally worth the effort and would highly recommend giving it a go regardless of your skill, you just never know where you might end up.

Do you have any specific skydiving goals you’re working towards at the moment?

Yes, I’m currently focusing on coaching, camera flying and load organising.

I find its super important to have clear goals if you want to stay in the sport long term, even if it’s not to compete on the world stage, it might just be to learn the skills so you can be on that object jump and not fuck it up!

Are there any destinations or drop zones that you consider a favourite?

Skydive Oz is like a skydivers resort, that’s pretty dope.

Eloy, Arizona for all the twin otters, pool and beers at the Bent Prop!

But Skydiving Nagambie will always be home.

Do you have any skydiving role models that have influenced your approach to skydiving?

Yes, too many to name here.

I feel like I’ve been super blessed with the guidance I’ve had along my journey. I always make sure to stay as open as possible to feedback and listen to as many stories around the fire as I can. You never stop learning in this sport.

How has the skydiving community or the people you’ve met through skydiving influenced your life?

It has shown me that with determination, you can accomplish anything. You can lead an adventurous life, surrounded by inspiring individuals who motivate you to grow into a well-rounded person. And at the same time still play like a child, there’s no need to take life to seriously.

What’s your number 1 safety tip?

If you don’t understand the jump or your position, then you shouldn’t be on it. Try to learn in small groups.

What’s your favourite bit of kit?

My L&B Altimeter of course 😉

And my concentric ring sight because I feel like the terminator when I have it on.

What’s next for you in skydiving?  Do you have any big dreams or aspirations related to the sport?

Hell yeah! I want to do a summer in Europe, maybe even LO a couple of events… that would be a dream.

But my big skydiving goal is to be on a head down world record, I think the whole journey would be satisfying even if you didn’t get to break it, although a world record would be nice.

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to yourself at the outset of your skydiving career?

Enjoy the journey! And be kind and as present as possible.

Want to be a local legend? Or dob in a mate who you think would be ideal? Or maybe you want to find out a little bit more about a well known shredder? Leave a message in the comments and we’ll get you, or them, feature soon!

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