Local Legends… Matthew Boag

Although I haven’t met Matt, I’d heard of him pretty early from when I started skydving, as you do when it comes to legends of the sport! Based up in the Goldie, he’s tunnel coach, skydiving coach and commercial pilot. Jeez. Is there anything he can’t do? Anyway… here’s this week’s local legend Matt Boag 🙂

How did you first become interested in skydiving?

I started with a tandem with some mate and was hooked from the start 🙂

What was your first jump like?

It was a tandem – it was freezing cold and I almost landed in a tree.

What motivates you to keep skydiving?

I just love the sport – the people you meet, the place you get to go, it’s awesome.

What is the most memorable skydiving experiences you’ve had to date?  What made it so special?

Funny Farm 2015, 18 way angle flying past an 18 way static jump, that jump was one of my best, but overall any sunset load at the farm with my mates is always hard to beat.

How has skydiving impacted your life outside of the sport?

I met my fiancé in the sport, and that’s still to this day the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Have you ever participated in any skydiving competitions?  What is competition like?  Is it worth the effort?

I used to compete, but I found out it wasn’t for me, a lot of sacrifice and that was something I found very hard to do. Hats off to the big teams who go after it, it takes a lot of effort. But not for me, I like to just have fun, no pressure, and just good times.

Do you have any specific skydiving goals you’re working towards at the moment?

Yep, fun jump more on the weekends, I found out recently I’ve missed it a lot, so that’s the goal for me now.

Have you had any bad or challenging experiences while skydiving?  How did you handle them?

Dealing with losing friends is always difficult, but the community in this industry is very helpful and there’s always someone to talk to.

Do you have any rituals that you go through before every jump?

Coffee on the ground, always get on load 2, stretching is key.

How has your attitude towards skydiving changed over the years?

I’ve found myself to be a lot more relaxed and not so rushed like I used to be back in the day. I realised that the sport is definitely not a race, and the idea is to enjoy the ride, not get off the ride.

Are there any particular destination or drop zones that you consider favourites and why?

Funny Farm is amazing, for anyone that has been will tell you the same thing.

Do you have any skydiving role models that have influenced your approach to skydiving?

Yep, but most newer jumpers might not recognise these names

Kristian Moxnes. – He was the first person I met who was a full time free flyer, (I didn’t know it was even a job), but since meeting him thats when my career started.

Sambo Re – Took me on my first AFF jump and he is still jumping now down the road from my house.

Doug Mickle – First AFF jump swell and took me to my. First windtunnel.

Scott Hiscoe – In my opinion, he is the best all round skydiver in Australia, and maybe the world.

How has the skydiving community or the people you’ve met through skydiving influenced your life?

The skydiving community have helped me end up in the carrier im in, My job is basically to help my friends improve their flying skills, have fun, and to do that and pay the bills is an absolute blessing, yes it has its rough days but id do it all over again if I had the chance.

Have you had any funny or unexpected experiences while skydiving?

Everyday, I couldn’t pick one, but if I had to id say, that time at funny farm when we threw a beer fridge out of the plane and everyone flew around it trying to grab (non alcoholic) drinks out of it. 😉

What’s your number 1 safety tip?

Go hard, Go fast, but take it easy and stay safe

What’s your favourite bit of kit?

Anyone that knows me, they know I love my blue sunnies, I’ve had them for about 10 years 🙂

What’s next for your in skydiving?  Do you have any big dreams or aspirations related to the sport?

Yep, next year I’ll be putting more time into my helicopter flying career, and yes there will be heli jumps happening one day.

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to yourself at the outset of your skydiving career?

It’s ok to not be on every jump, take a step back, build up the basics and you’ll be a better flyer overall.

Cheers mate!

If you’d like to be featured, or no anyone who qualifies a local legend send me a DM and let’s get them on the blog!

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